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    高先利万事 Z is aseries of PVOH with a higher chemical reaction.
    which is given by the functional group.
    Furthermore, a higher water resistance is realized by the cross-linking.

  • GOHSENOL EG Series

    高先诺尔 EG is a series of PVOH.
    which is applied for the various kinds of world pharmaceutical additives standard.


  • 纸张加工的用途
    It is used for the paper coating to improve paper strength and printing fitness, to enrich smoothness and gloss of the paper surface.

  • 应用于PVC
    It is used as a dispersing agent for VCM to stabilize its polymerization and to control the surface activities of PVC.

  • 作为粘结剂和粘合剂的用途
    It is used for the adhesive and binder, that require higher bonding strength, film strength and oil resistance.

  • 应用为乳化稳定剂
    It is used as an emulsifier for synthetic resin emulsions by having a hydrophobic and a hydrophilic group within its molecule.

  • 应用于纺织品
    It is used for the additives of the warp sizing agent and textile processing agent.

  • 其它用途
    It is used as film, molded article, cosmetics matrix and medical supplies additive.


  • 通用等级
  • 特殊产品的等级
  • Solution by Chemistry NIPPON GOHSEI
  • Advanced Polymer Business
  • Soarnol Dept.
  • Fine chemicals Dept.
  • Specialty Polymers Dept.
  • Functional Films

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