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    GOHSENX Z is a series of PVOH with a higher chemical reaction
    having a functional group on its side chain.
    Furthermore, a higher water resistance is achieved by cross-linking.

  • GOHSENOL EG Series

    GOHSENOL EG Series

    Please refer to the each URL if you are interested in PVOH for pharmaceutical(EG-P) and cosmetic(EG-C) application series.

Technical Information

  • Paper Processing Applications
    GOHSENOL™ helps improve paper strength as well as printability and achieve smoothness and glossy appearance when coated on paper.

    Paper Processing Applications

  • PVC Applications
    GOHSENOL™ is used as a dispersing agent which widely controls surface activities to achieve stable suspension polymerization of PVC.

    PVC Applications

  • Adhesive and Binder Applications
    GOHSENOL™ is a desirable adhesive or binder when higher bonding strength, film strength, and oil resistance are required.

    Adhesive and Binder Applications

  • Emulsion Stabilizer Applications
    As an emulsifier, GOHSENOL™ is widely used for synthetic resin emulsions having hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups within its molecule.

    Emulsion Stabilizer Applications

  • Other Applications
    It is used as film, molded article and a raw material for acetal resins.

    Other Applications

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