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Outline of GOHSENOL™

Properties of GOHSENOL™

Water Solubility
Water solubility of GOHSENOL(PVOH/PVA) varies according to grade. Grades with a lower degree of polymerization dissolve more easily, and dissolution speed changes according to the saponification value (SV).
Solvent Resistance
GOHSENOLproducts are softened by or dissolved in acids or alkalis. However, they do not dissolve in most organic solvents, animal and plant oils, and greases.
Surface Activity
An aqueous solution of partially saponified PVOH has lower surface tension than that of fully saponified PVOH.
Bonding Strength
Aqueous solutions of GOHSENOLexhibit particularly high bonding strength with materials that have porous or hydrophilic surfaces, such as textile, paper and wooden materials.
Film Forming Properties
Films made of GOHSENOLboast superior properties in terms of clarity, gas barrier properties, anti-clouding properties, solvent resistance, antistatic properties, moisture permeability, etc.
Chemical Reactivity
GOHSENOLproducts are stable polymer compounds, and usually do not develop putrefaction, decomposition, or polymerization when left alone. In the presence of a catalyst, they will exhibit various chemical reactions.
GOHSENOLproducts are free from acute toxicity, carcinogenicity, and mutagenicity. They are highly safe synthetic resin having little toxicity.

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