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Technical Information by Application

Adhesive and Binder Applications

GOHSENOL™ has been widely used as an adhesive and/or binder having the following properties:

  • 1.Excellent adhesion
  • 2.The property of improving initial adhesion and drying speeds combined with a filler such as clay,
  • 3.Excellent resistance to oil and plasticizers
  • 4.Excellent film strength

Additionally, G-type GOHSENOL™ is excellent in remoistening adherence.

Adhesive and Binder Applications
Product Type Specific Applications Recommended Grades of GOHSENOL™ and GOHSENX™
General Adhesive Office glue,
Paper processing (Bag making, Paper band, Pasted paper)
N-300, GH-20, GH-17R
Remoistening Adhesive Stamp, Wallpaper, Label GH-17R, GL-05, GL-03, KH-17
Adhesive Modifier Plywood adhesives (Urea melamine resin) T-330, T-330S
Civil Engineering/
Building Mixture
Cement, Mortar, Gypsum board Gypsum plaster T-330S, GH-20S
Inorganic Binder Ferrite, Zirconium, Alumina Ceramic, Chinaware, Refractory brick, Agricultural chemical pellet, Compost, Composite fertilizer N-300, GH-17R, GL-05, GL-05S, EG-05, EG-40
Specialty Products Metal surface treatment, Synthetic leather KH-20, KL-05, GL-05

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