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Other Applications

In addition to the aforementioned common applications , GOHSENOL™ has been widely used in various other fields making full use of its excellent characteristics.

OPL Film
OPL film is a PVOH film used as a polarizer in a liquid crystal display (LCD). We provide suitable materials making use of a wide range of technical expertise based on our manufacturing experience.
Films and Molded Products
There are wide range products of PVOH (PVA) film dissolving from cold to hot water. (Brand name : Hi-Selon™) Other than excellent properties of heat-seal and printability for packaging products, there are so many characteristics such as solvent resistance, gas impermeability and so on.
PVOH (PVA) films are used wide range applications not only detergent and package of pills but also medical material, transfer printing for curving surface, base substrate of hair wig and needlework.

Raw Material for Various Derivatives
GOHSENOL™ is used as a raw material for acetal resins (e.g., butyral resin), photosensitive resins (e.g., polyvinyl cinnamate), or in graft polymerization.

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