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Technical Information

Characteristics of GOHSENOL™

Solubility by Grade

Water solubility of GOHSENOL™ varies grades. Lower viscosity products dissolve easily (high solubility speed). However, as water solubility also notably depends upon the saponification value, be sure to refer to the “How to Use GOHSENOL™” page.

Fully saponified type (N type) and quasi-saponified type (A type) : These types only swell in and hardly dissolve in cold water, but dissolve into hot water.

Partially saponified types(G and K type etc.) : Lower saponification value, higher solubility speed at lower temperature water.

Solubility into mixed solvents
The following chart shows the solubility of GOHSENOL™ into water/methanol mixtures.

Solubility of GOHSENOL™ into Water/Methanol Mixture

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