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Technical Information

Characteristics of GOHSENOL™


PVOH (PVA) is an eco-friendly biodegradable resin. GOHSENOL™ is registered in the GreenPla® (GP) positive list of the Japan BioPlastics Association.

What is Green Plastic?

[Biodegradability test]
The test was conducted in accordance with Determination of the ultimate aerobic biodegradability of plastic materials in an aqueous medium―Method by measuring the oxygen demand in a closed respirometer.
(JIS K6950:2000 ISO14851:1999)
Biodegradability of PVOH (PVA) Brands
PVOH Brand Grade Biodegradability
Ratio (%)
GH-17 67
KH-17 67
GOHSENX T-330 46
L-3266 56
Z-200 91

Test conditions:
(1) Specimen conc.: 100 mg/L
(2) Application conc.: 90 mg/L
(3) Standard test medium: 300 mL
(4) Test temperature: 25 ± 1℃
(5) Test duration: 28 days
(6) Active sludge: Sludge returned from Okayama Plant Mitsubishi Chemical

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