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Textile Applications

GOHSENOL™ is used as a warp-sizing agent and fabric processing resin.

Characteristics of GOHSENOL
GOHSENOL™ as a warp-sizing agent has excellent film forming properties. Obtained films have excellent flexibility, tensile strength, and elasticity, and provide excellent resistance to wear, smoothness, and fluff binding properties.
Additionally, compared with starch, the possibility of decomposition or putrefaction is very low, and fungi rarely develop. Furthermore, G-type GOHSENOL™, in particular, makes desizing easy having excellent water solubility.
Applications as a Fabric Treating Agent
Thermosetting resins such as urea-formaldehyde and melamine-formaldehyde resins are added to improve resistance to shrink and crease of fabrics. As GOHSENOL™ chemically crosslinks with thermosetting resins, adding 5-10 weight % of GOHSENOL™ to thermosetting resins is effective to avoid deteriorating tear strength caused by resin finishing.
Besides, GOHSENOL™ is widely used alone or in combination with initial condensates including urea-formaldehyde and melamine-aldehyde for finishing white fabrics, plain dyed fabrics, and printed fabrics since rigid and transparent finish is obtained even with a small quantity of GOHSENOL™.
Applications as Textile Sizing Agent
Type of Spun Yarn Tensile
Elongation Young's
Recommended Grades of
(g/D) ( % ) (g/D) ( % )
Spun Yarn Cotton yarn 3.0~4.5 3~7 68~93 8.5 C-500,N-300
Flax yarn 5.6~6.3 1.5~2.3 150~265 12 C-500,N-300
Wool 1.0~2.7 25~35 11~25 15 GH-17,C-500
1.7~2.3 18~24 65~85 11 GH-17,C-500
Synthetic fiber - - - - GH-17,C-500,
Blended yarn
Filament Silk 3.0~4.0 15~25 50~100 11 -
Rayon 1.7~2.3 18~24 65~85 11 GL-05,GH-17
Acetate 1.2~1.4 25~35 30~45 6.5 GL-05,GH-17
Nylon 4.8~6.4 28~45 20~45 5 GL-05,GH-17
Polyester 4.3~6.0 20~32 90~160 0.4 GL-05,GH-17
Vinylon 3.0~4.0 17~22 60~90 5 GL-05,GH-17

Measuring conditions: 20℃, 65%RH

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