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Other Applications

In addition to the aforementioned common applications , GOHSENOL™ has been widely used in various other fields making full use of its excellent characteristics.

OPL Film
OPL film is a PVOH film used as a polarizer in a liquid crystal display (LCD). We provide suitable materials making use of a wide range of technical expertise based on our manufacturing experience.
Films and Molded Products
Two kinds of film, one that is water soluble and the other that is hardly water soluble, can be obtained from GOHSENOL™. They are widely used to pack not only textile products but also chemicals, food, soaps, agricultural chemicals, and dyes, or as a release film for molding polyester.
GOHSENOL™ is also used to mold various products which require such characteristics intrinsic to PVOH as high tensile strength, organic solvent resistance, and gas impermeability.
GOHSENOL™ EG is used as a thickener, a film-forming agent, or an emulsifier for cosmetics.
Soil Conditioning and Erosion Inhibitor
GOHSENOL™ can be used for aggregating field and horticultural soils, preventing erosion of sloping grounds, hastening growth of lawn grass or preventing it from being carried away, and stabilizing soil.
Raw Material for Various Derivatives
GOHSENOL™ is used as a raw material for acetal resins (e.g., butyral resin), photosensitive resins (e.g., polyvinyl cinnamate), or in graft polymerization.

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