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    GOHSENX Z is a series of PVOH with a higher chemical reaction
    having a functional group on its side chain.
    Furthermore, a higher water resistance is achieved by cross-linking.

  • GOHSENOL EG Series

    GOHSENOL EG Series

    High quality PVOH(PVA) purified treatment. Please refer to the website of Life Chemical division if you are interested in PVOH for pharmaceutical and cosmetic application series.

Technical Information

  • Paper Processing Applications
    GOHSENOL™ helps improve paper strength as well as printability and achieve smoothness and glossy appearance when coated on paper.

    Paper Processing Applications

  • PVC Applications
    GOHSENOL™ is used as a dispersing agent which widely controls surface activities to achieve stable suspension polymerization of PVC.

    PVC Applications

  • Adhesive and Binder Applications
    GOHSENOL™ is a desirable adhesive or binder when higher bonding strength, film strength, and oil resistance are required.

    Adhesive and Binder Applications

  • Emulsion Stabilizer Applications
    As an emulsifier, GOHSENOL™ is widely used for synthetic resin emulsions having hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups within its molecule.

    Emulsion Stabilizer Applications

  • Other Applications
    It is used as film, molded article and a raw material for acetal resins.

    Other Applications

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