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Pharmaceutical Applications

Polyvinyl alcohol is listed on the specifications of pharmaceutical excipients and used not only in Japan, but in the US, Europe, and other countries as well.
Our GOHSENOL™ EG complies with the excipient specifications of JPE, USP, as well as EP.
■Specialty Grades:High Purity PVOH EG Series

The refining process of GOHSENOL™ EG removes impurities to the utmost.
Our production facilities, manufacturing process, and quality system are managed in compliance with our self-imposed standards of GMP.
  • ・Granulation binder
  • ・Binding agent
  • ・Coating
  • ・Thickener (eye-drop)
  • ・Gel Patch (cataplasm)
  • ・Emulsifier
  • ・Drug delivery film Substrate


Physical Property data
Comparison with Representative Pharmaceutical Excipients
●Comparison of film properties
Properties Polyvinyl Alcohol
Methyl Cellulose
4.9 49.0 11.1
Tensile strength
119.4 5.1 46.9
Linear expansion
188.4 103.4 102.7
Young modulus
672 419 2,251

*1. Polyvinyl Alcohol : GOHSENOL™ EG-05PW
*2. 4% aqueous solution

●Barrier property
Properties Permeation rate
of O2 gas*2
Permeation rate
of water vapor*3
25℃ 60%RH 40℃ 75%RH 25℃ 60%RH 40℃ 75%RH
PVA*1 0.74 18 3 85
HPC 128 >200 95 470
HPMC 152 >200 186 740

*1. Grades : GOHSENOLTM EG-05PW   Film thickness : 100μm (made by method of Pool cast)
*2Measuring machine of permeation of the O2 gas : OXTRAN2/20
*3. The method of permeation of water vapor : Comply with JIS Z 0208

Inquiry about EG series (Pharmaceutical Excipient Grades)
Acetyl and Fine Chemicals Dept. Basic Products Segment
TEL: +81-3-6436-2813 / FAX: +81-3-6436-2820

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