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Cationic PVOH K Series


A modified PVOH having a cationic group (quaternary ammonium salt) on its side chain.

Structural formula

Structural formula K series

  • Gohsenx™ K shows selective adsorption to negative charged materials (natural fiber, pulp, etc.)
  • Gohsenx™ K shows excellent emulsifier and dispersing behavior due to its surface activity and protective colloid properties. Resulting emulsions have also selective adsorption properties as well.
  • Gohsenx™ K solution behaves as a polymer electrolyte and forms an ion complex with anionic water soluble resin.
Technical Specification of GOHSENX™ K
Grade Saponification Value
(mol %)
pH*2 Applications
K-434 85.5 - 88.0 18.0 - 22.0 5.0 - 7.0 Dispersant
Emulsifier for PVAc-Em
Ink jet redording paper
Drilling fluid control agent
Coating agent
Water soluble film
Antibacterial agent (Washing agent, Cosmetics, Paint, Textile, Resin, Wood preservatives, Cement mixture, Agricultural chemicals, Water treatment, Industrial waste water etc.)

*1 : 4% aqueous solution at 20℃
*2 : 4% aqueous solution at 30℃

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