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Low Saponification PVOH LW Series

GOHSENX™ LW Series (Water solution)

GOHSENX™ LW is a low saponification PVOH that is hydrophilic and compatible with alcohols.
Low saponification PVOHs (35 to 60 mol% saponification) have been used in diverse applications including hot melt resins, dispersing auxiliaries for suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride, adhesives, coating agents, binders, and pressure-sensitive adhesives.
However, since low saponification PVOHs are usually water insoluble, the handling or development of applications is restricted.
In contrast, GOHSENX™ LW can be handled in the form of aqueous solution maintaining hydrophobicity.

Structural formula

Structural formula LW series


Can be handled in the form of an aqueous solution which has high concentration.
(crystallizes in a low level of aqueous solution)
 ・Maintains lipophilicity (an affinity for alcohol)
Technical Specifications
Grade Saponification Value
(mol % )
Viscosity *1
Product Form Applications
LW-100 39.0 - 46.0 500 - 2,500 39 - 41% aqueous solution Dispersing auxiliary for suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride
Anchor coating agent
LW-200 46.0 - 53.0 500 - 2,000

*1 : Viscosity measured by 39 - 41% aqueous solution at 25℃

Solubility/Liquid Absorbing Property
GOHSENX™ LW products have, in their molecular structures, both hydrophilic portion and hydrophobic portion. They dissolve in or absorb water, and various polar organic solvents such as methanol, ethanol, acetone, ethylene glycol, DMSO, and Trichloroethylene.
Solubility / Liquid Absorption Properties of GOHSENX™ LW
Solvent Solvent Solubility Parameter Dissolubility/liquid Absorption Property
(cal・cm-3)1/2 LW-100 LW-200
n-hexane 7.423 × ×
Cyclohexane 8.182 × ×
1,1,1-trichloroethane 8.544 × ×
Toluene 8.907 × ×
Methyl ethyl ketone 9.038
Cyclohexanone 9.255
Tetrahydrofuran 9.317
Trichloroethylene 9.35
Acetone 9.712
1,2-dichloroethane 9.91
Pyridine 10.58
Acetonitrile 11.8
Ethanol 12.9
Methanol 14.5
Ethylene glycol 14.5

◎:fully dissolved ○:almost dissolved ×:virtually not absorbing liquid

Grade Saponification Value
(mol %)
LW-100 43.1 -0.5 -
Standard PVOH 47.3 42.9 -

(1) Measuring conditions: Measurement with DSC (temp. increase / decrease rate: 10℃/min)

Effluent Water Loads of GOHSENX™ LW
Polymer COD (mg/kg) ×104 BOD5 (mg/kg) ×102
GOHSENX™ T-330 80 110
GOHSENOL 60 - 100 50 - 100

(1) Measuring conditions:COD(Mw) JIS K0102-17(1998) BOD5 JIS K0102-21/32.3(1998)
(2) Measurement:Registration No. of measurement certification enterprise, Osaka No. 10013, KK Osaka Environmental Technology Center

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